CO₂-reduction measures for every mode of transport

Whether the goods are carried by road, rail, sea, or air, whether they are stored in warehouses or handled at terminals – with DB Cargo´s green solutions emissions can be reduced at every turn.

The sheer size of the DB Cargo network is a competitive advantage. Because they only have to deal with one partner, customers can greatly reduce emissions and demonstrate their environmental credentials.

DB Cargo offers solutions for every mode of transport to reduce, offset, or even completely avoid emissions along the entire supply chain:

DBeco plus – Freight trains without CO₂ emissions

Rail is the most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods. DBeco plus makes it possible to transport goods by rail entirely carbon-free.

DBhangartner und DBrailog – reduce CO₂ in combined transport

DB Cargo combines the specific benefits of each mode of transport in its multimode supply chains. They handle as much freight as possible by rail. Its trucks then pick up and collect the goods.

Eco OceanLane – climate protection on every ocean

Eco OceanLane enables DB Cargo's customers to reduce carbon emissions of sea freight by up to 50 percent. Therefore DB Cargo and its cooperating carriers opt for speed reduced services and moving inland transport from road to more environmentally friendly rail.

Eco Charter – up to 20 percent less carbon dioxide in the air

For Eco Charter logisticians cargo planes with highly economical engines, aerodynamically optimized winglets, an ultra-light carbonfiber design and a higher cargo volume.

Eco Warehouse – turns warehouses into energy-saving houses

DB Cargo has developed its own integrated Eco Warehousing concept, in which warehouses are operated in an environmentally friendly manner that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35 percent.

DBeco neutral – the alternative to CO₂ emissions DB Cargo supplements its environmental solutions for specific carriers with Eco Neutral – the option of offsetting carbon emissions by supporting projects that combat climate change.