Block train services

Try our block train services in Hungary and Europe!

Efficient organization of block train-based traffic is possible using fast and reliable quality transportation.

The concept of this kind of traffic consists of freight transportation from the station of origin to the final destination without having to split the train and add cars en route, under a single rail waybill.

The number of cars varies according to individual customer preferences. DB Cargo Hungária Kft.  operates up to 40 trains per week on various routes in Hungary.

Within the DB SR Group, DBSR Hungária runs international transportation from Germany to Turkey and from Poland to Romania through Hungary. With its interoperable transportation, waiting times at border stations can be significantly reduced.                                                                                                        

In cooperation with reliable partners in neighboring countries, we provide regular exportation and importation services. DB Cargo Hungária Kft. has signed hand-over agreements with all relevant partners abroad. Within Hungary we provide all businesses with a quality service. Electric and diesel locomotives ensure access to all customers in Hungary. 

Thanks to our “single source” comprehensive supply chain service and the implementation of individual solutions for customers, we are able to offer smooth and fast deliveries from supplier to final recipient. Block transportation is a core business activity of DB Cargo Hungária Kft.

On the basis of a rail transportation concession and license, we are systematically expanding cooperation with new customers, providing quality transport services and modern logistic concepts tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

In a nutshell, DB Cargo Hungária Kft. is  our answer to block train solutions in Hungary and all over Europe.