Europe's largest rail freight company

With around 4,200 customer sidings in Europe, DB Cargo offers its customers access to one of the world's largest rail networks and thus is the European leader in rail freight transport.

DB Cargo is a leading global integrated logistics service provider and measured by transport volume, the largest rail freight company in Europe.

DB Cargo is the only company to offer rail transport from a single source throughout Europe to business customers regardless of their industry. In the DB Cargo network, around 5,000 freight trains service around 4,200 sidings and terminals.

For example with end-to-end freight transport on the North-South axis from Scandinavia to Italy through a joint venture with DB Cargo Scandinavia and a coorperation with Italian NordCargo. Or with a wide range of services on the East-West axis with DB Cargo UK, French subsidiary ECR and DB Cargo Polska.

Largest train fleet in Europe

With around 114,000 freight cars and 3,400 locomotives, DB Cargo owns Europe's largest fleet train. Almost 34,000 staff in Europe work every day to ensure cross-border transport runs efficiently and is customer-oriented and environmentally friendly – with the carbon-freeEcoPlus option, for example, which further strengthens rail's position as the most environmental means of transport.

Central management – regional operations

The internationalization process has been strengthened by the Xrailalliance. Seven European rail freight companies, including DB Cargo, have agreed to work together closely on cross-border single freight car transport. The Xrail network currently connects business and industry clusters in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and parts of Austria.


Block Train: Transporting large volumes quickly and reliably. A combination of scheduled trains that can be planned well in advance and trains that can be allocated at the last minute ensures the highest possible degree of ordering flexibility, in particular for bulk freight transport.

Single Car: A comprehensive, flexible solution for single freight cars for national and Europe-wide transport.

Intermodal: The intermodal transport specialist.

DBrailog: Organization of rail-based logistics solutions incorporating other means of transport – throughout Europe.


DBchem-solution: Our safe solution for time-sensitive single freight car transport for the chemical industry in Europe.

DBoil-solution: Our flexible, reliable block train transport solution for the mineral industry.

DBdisposal-solution: Innovative logistics for the disposal and raw material industries.

DBpaper-solution: Just-in-time logistics for the paper & pulp industry throughout Europe.

Metals and Coal: Customer- and industry-oriented solutions for the mining, steel and energy sectors – flexible, reliable and designed for large transport volumes with numerous dedicated freight cars.

Automotive: Custom solutions to suit the requirements of the automotive industry ensure safe, reliable and quiete transport of automotive components and vehicles to their destinations throughout Europe.  


Our portfolio of services and industry solutions is augmented by a wide range of additional service modules:

Door-to-door logistics: Multimodal logistics centers, DB Schenker Railports and DB Schenker logistics centers linked to the European rail network offer intelligent, customized logistics solutions along the entire transport chain.

Rail logistics: Our logistics experts develop cost- and service-optimized logistics solutions together with you – combining different means of transport.

Sidings: With your own siding, you can transport your freight directly by rail to any European destination.

Maintenance: Our service centers boast the latest technologies for the maintenance of rail vehicles premises. We also offer flexible mobile services, which allow us to provide maintenance services on the track or on site at customers'.