On the move for the chemical and fertilizer industries

For the chemical, oil and fertilizer industries, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns in logistics. With many years of experience in the industry, we offer you industry-specific logistics solutions around the globe that fulfill all requirements.

At DB Cargo Hungária, expert teams work with you to develop integrated, multimodal transportation concepts for your industry, enabling short reaction times and just-in-time delivery even in periods of volatile demand. The goal is supply chain management exactly tailored to your needs.

Special safety standards apply for chemical, oil and fertilizer products, and must be complied with at all times. When transporting hazardous materials, it is especially important that you can rely on responsible handling, which we ensure with comprehensive safety and emergency management. We also help you respond to the need for environmentally friendly solutions.

As part of the largest European rail freight company, we offer you a full spectrum of services for your bulk goods - from block train products to multimodal solutions. Special rail offerings such as chem-solution or oil-solution are tailored to the requirements of the respective industries. Through partnerships with other European rail freight operators, more and more European regions can be reached via seamless rail connections.

Safety is our top priority when transporting hazardous materials and sensitive products. When it comes to transporting large volumes over long distances, rail, the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation, is especially well suited.

To us, integrated project management is not just a catchphrase; it’s a matter of course. We work with our customers to develop transport solutions that are perfectly tailored to their requirements.

Chemical products

We use our unique European network to connect production and processing sites in the chemicals industry and develop integrated solutions that bring your freight to its destination safe and sound and right on time.

Shipping hazardous materials safely requires expertise and experience. Safety is our top priority. And our professional emergency management system means we’re always ready, just in case.

Fertilizers and salt

For fertilizers and salt, DB Cargo Hungária offers you intelligent transport concepts that will enable you to cover any seasonal and weather-related fluctuations in demand. We have a fleet of special-purpose cars available for fertilizers to ensure that the purity of your product remains unaltered.

Agricultural products

We organize domestic and international transportation of grain, sugar, feed and oilseeds from warehouses to seaports, mills and processing plants in block trains – over long distances and in the shortest possible time. Responsibility for conducting the transports lies with DB Cargo.

With suitable carrying capacity, clearly defined schedules and innovative logistics concepts, we are your high-performance partner. We use special cars, which were developed specifically for the requirements of our customers and their sensitive freight.